Oasis Raised bed

Herb Society member Claudette Millstead has a beautiful garden this year.  Her 8 ft by 8 ft raised bed garden is from a kit that used to be sold by Home Depot.  Home Depot had discontinued the model but assisted her in ordering it from the manufacturer.  She said she had to fabricate some square […]

Making more Space

We’ve expanded our raised bed garden this week. The area directly in front of the porch has become a 12″ deep raised bed. In the process we had to move all our potted herbs. Don’t really know how to arrange my potted plants so they look nice. Anybody have ideas about that? My tomatoes have […]

The Garden is Growing!

From Josh and Denise Monson: Tomato plants are growing like crazy! Strawberries are still alive. Mojito Mint going up!

New Raised Bed

In spite of a busy schedule Denise and I were able to put in a small raised bed.  There was an area between our front sidewalks that wasn’t even growing grass. We decided on untreated lumber knowing it will only last a few years and bought the soil mix from SOMO, it wasn’t really cheap […]

Josh’s potted plants

Aphids! With our potted herbs indoors this winter we noticed what we believed were aphids on our thyme plant. Our first attempt to erradicate the bugs was by spraying them with apple cider vinegar. While this didn’t seem to hurt the plant it also didn’t seem to deter the aphids. The second method of deterrent […]