Gardening Tips from Barb

After hardening off move hardy perennials outdoors. Be aware that there is going to be a frost this coming weekend. Divide hardy perennials especially those that didn’t do well last year. Remember: “more roots than shoots.” Tarragon, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Mints, Comferry can all be divided. Start indoors: Basil, Colendula, Parsley. For parsley, pour boiling water over seeds and let sit for 24 hours before draining and drying. After this weekend frost plant outside: borrage, dill fennel, garlic chives, nasturtiums. Prune Rue, Sage, Lavender. Trim back by about a third.

Herbs that are drought resistant: Barrage, Mullen, Lavender, Cone Flower, Colendula and Thyme.

Parsely should move outside after the nighttime temperatures are above 40 degrees.