Herb Garden Planning Day

Herb Garden Planning Day and Unofficial Workday

Are you as ready for spring as I am? Since the weather will be spring like this week, I’ll be at the Herb Garden to start cleaning up dead stuff on Friday at 1pm unless the current forecast changes. Anyone who’d like to help out on this first unofficial workday is more than welcome.

Our first planning meeting will be on Sunday, March 13 at 2pm in the classroom. If you are planning to keep a bed you were working on last year and have any plant requests, now’s the time to let me know.Many plants can be grown from seed but a few need to be purchased as plants.

Also,I’m looking for hop plants that will do well in our area. If you know of anyone who can assist us either in providing free plants, info on suitable varieties or those we can purchase, let me know. Otherwise I’ll order them.The trellis is ready for them by the benches next to the mint beds.Some one last year asked about Angelica plants.I never had luck with germinating seeds. They come with all kinds of chilling in the fridge for so long and more instructions, etc so I gave up on them. I decided to follow all the extra instructions for a number of difficult to germinate seeds this year one last time, planted them and never followed through with the refrigerator part. Imagine my shock when all of the angelica and everything else but gardenias germinated! Unbelievable!

Looking forward to catching up with all of you.

Barb Emge