Herb Gardening Tips for Janurary

Plan your herb garden if you are changing anything in it this year or growing one for the first time.
Order seeds for January or early spring planting. Some companies will offer a discount on seeds ordered before January first or at least will not increase the prices until then. Most nurseries will not ship herb plants til late spring.
Draw a diagram to scale of your garden, noting where the sunny and shady spots are. Place existing herbs in your diagram.
Have a list of the herbs you wish to add, taking account of their final height and width and water requirements. You may want to plant moisture loving herb together and do the same with drought tolerant ones.

Add paths or room for stepping stones in your plans.. If you have room, think about constructing or adding a bench or seat. Solar lights can be used for nighttime enjoyment in your herb garden.
Plan on a few raised beds to keep herbs from sitting in water from heavy spring rains. Rosemary, lavender, thymes and sage will do better in raised beds.
On warmer days clean out the beds and place mulched leaves under thick layers of black and white newspaper covered with mulch, compost or grass clippings to get a head start on weed suppression.
If your mint has gone dormant outside, dig up a few roots, place in pots in a kitchen window and you’ll have fresh mint to enjoy after several weeks.
Plant chive and parsley seeds. They take a long time to grow for table use.
Continue to water herbs left outdoors in pots.