Joshua Monson

My name is Joshua Monson; my wife Denise and I joined the Springfield Area Herb Society three years ago.  I work for Envoy Air (formerly American Eagle Airlines) as a regional jet mechanic. My wife works as a Nurse at Lakeland Behavioral Health Centers.  My wife and I consider ourselves ploymaths: people who are proficient in a wide variety of skills and knowledgeable in many areas of interest.

Denise and I started gardening about 10 years ago while dating because we needed a hobby where we could learn together and neither of us knew much about gardening.  We eventually joined the Herb society to learn more about growing herbs, along with natural and holistic medicine.    I also enjoy cooking healthy homemade food and have gained some wonderful ideas from the Herb Society.  My wife was diagnosed with Adult Asthma a couple of years ago and told to take steroid inhalers.  After some of our own research and the information we’d received from the Herb Society we stop using the inhalers and have found vitamin supplements and herbal remedies to be sufficient to control most of her symptoms.

I am currently playing the role of Website administrator for the Springfield Herb Society.  I have a number of ideas I am working to implement and am open to all sorts of suggestions.  Please let me know of anything we can improve.