Linda Whiting

Linda Whiting:  Elderberry Syrup and other notes

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Elderberry has been used to treat cold and flu ailments.  Reduces mucus in the nasal cavities and therefore is helps with cold symptoms.  It boosts the immune system, and is useful in treating Autoimmune disorders.   Note: Ingesting significant quantities of raw elderberry can lead to a buildup of cyanide in the body and is not recommended.

Side Notes:  The difference between irradiated and non-irradiated foods–Most herbs and spices found in the stores have been irradiated and therefore are not as potent and also contain more toxins– look for NON-IRRADIATED label on the herbs we buy.   Dirty Twelve List– A list of fruits and vegetables which have the highest incident of chemicals and pesticides.  Find organic sources for these foods.

For Tinctures-  Yes you really do need to use Vodka!

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