2014 October Meeting

October 21st  6 – 8 PM

Springfield – Greene County Botanical Center

2400 S. Scenic Springfield MO 65807

Ready…Set…Garden!Dr. Kory Johnson, a Springfield native, has 9 years of experience in the wellness industry. He began as a Licensed Massage Therapist before attending Logan College of Chiropractic where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Life Science. While attending Logan, he was exposed to the positive impact chiropractic care had on individuals from all walks of life. Johnson shared, “ I wanted to be a Physician who helped people conserve and enjoy their bodies. I have always thought I would go into cardiology, however the effect chiropractic had on my body was so profound that it lead me to change professions, so that I too could help others as I was once helped.””Quiet time in nature has always been my way of refueling and refocusing my mindset.” Said Dr. Johnson. “I believe there is an unspoken bond between nature and humanity. Those who tend to the earth are tended to by the earth. There are many types of meditation but none to me like being outside.”

Call it the secret of the gardeners, but a growing number of experts now believe that the restorative benefits of nature can lower blood pressure, boost immune function, and reduce stress. And to reap these benefits, you don’t have to live in a mansion with a gardener. All that’s required is a love of flowers and a willingness to plant a few herbs or even an evening walk through your local park.

A landmark study by Roger S. Ulrich, published in the April 27, 1984, issue of Science magazine, found strong evidence that nature helps heal. Ulrich, a pioneer in the field of therapeutic environments at Texas A&M University, found that patients recovering from gallbladder surgery who looked out at a view of trees had significantly shorter hospital stays, fewer complaints, and took less pain medication, than those who looked out at a brick wall.

Join Dr. Johnson as he shares his knowledge and passion on how to continue gardening pain free as well the medicinal uses of herbs and other plants in your garden.

John Raleigh, who is a well known member of the Springfield Herb Society, will be speaking on medicinals. Both he and his wife have completed the Master Herbalist program through the School of Natural Healing.  He has entered articles into our newsletter for the Springfield Herb Society as well.  Lets welcome them both as they speak in our next meeting October 21, 6pm.

Feel Free to bring herbal refreshments. 

Our meetings are free to the public.

Membership for the remaining year is $6 with benefits and herbal door prizes at the end of meeting for our paid members.

We hold our meetings at the Springfield Greene-County Botanical Center & Gardens 2400 S. Scenic Springfield MO. 65807