2017 Program Schedule

January 17 – “Colds and Flu” talk will touch on many of the herbs and vitamins used in lessening and relieving the symptoms of colds and flu.  At the end of the talk Sharon will ask the audience for their methods used in prevention and treatments

Presenter: Sharon Masterson has studied and used herbs for over 35 years.  She started in her teens learning about the power of herbs and has studied in London, Washington D. C., Virginia, Utah, Arkansas and Missouri.  Her first love is Medicinal and their effects on healing not just controlling illness.  She attended several alternative healing workshops in Virginia Beach at the Casey Institute.  Also correspondence courses at “The School of Natural Healing”.  As her love of herbs grew she became interested in all aspects of the healing arts, including study of cosmetics, crafts using herbs, growing and cooking with herbs.  She has studied under many wonderful herbalists.  Sharon loves to teach and has given several talks and workshops on herbs.  Her favorite pastime is reading, writing and researching herbs.  She is currently working on several books and writes a blog for her website.

February 21 –“Curl Up With Herbal Teas”

Presenter: Leslie-Ann Padilla: Manager of Chabom Teas and Spices.

March 21 – “All About Elderberry”

Presenter: Patrick Byers

April 18 – “Granny Gore-Herbal Healer Around Table Rock Area”

Presenter: Gina Marie Walden

May 16- “Medical Garlic Plant Swap”

Presenter: Pam Duitsman

June 20 – “Wild Edibles”

Presenter: Bo Brown

July 18 – “Preserving Your Harvest”

Presenter: Sharon Masterson

August 15 – “Skin Cancer, Nutrition, and Herbs”

Presenter: Jana Belk

September 19 – “Drying Herb”

Presenter: Barb Emge

October 17 – “Tree Nuts, Pecans, Walnuts, Chestnuts & Hickory”

Presenter: Kelly McGowan

Kelly McGowan obtained her BS in horticulture from Missouri State University’s Darr School of Agriculture.  She is currently working on her MS in natural resources and agroforestry through the University of Missouri and a thesis project in elderberry flower production.  Kelly is the Horticulture Educator for the University of Missouri Extension office in Green County ans has been in that position for 3 years.

November 21 – Chef Stephen

December 19 – “Christmas Banquet”