Seed Swap Workshop – March 29, 2014

Springfield Area Herb Society Presents:

Seed Swap Workshop

Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time: 10:00am.-2:00pm.
Cost: $4.00 per person (at the door); SAHS 2014 members: Free
Location: Botanical Center, 2400 South Scenic, Springfield, MO
Members: Please bring refreshments

We will be ending the workshops with the seed swap so get your seeds ready. Even if you do not have any to swap, you are invited to come. There will be free seed for everyone. .

Seminar speakers include:

10:15am -11:00am. Mike Nocks from White Harvest Seed, speaking on Heirlooms vs. GMO’s, current GMO news, seeds and storage
11:00am-11:45am. John Raleigh on Juicing

Break 11:45am-12:15pm

12:15pm-1:00pm Patrick Byers, Horticulture specialist in Greene County & Southwest region will be speaking on seed saving & creating your own heirloom vegetable cultivars.

About the Speakers:

Mike, owner of the White Harvest Seed, offers a wide variety of heirloom seeds. It is a family owned business that offers down to earth advice and personal attention to your garden’s needs.  He is also a partner of the Springfield Herb Society and offers 20% discount to our paid members. He is located in Hartville MO.  His website is you can also connect with him from a link on our website.  Be sure and give him notice.  We know you will glean much from what he has to share.

John Raleigh, who has been a member of the Springfield Area Herb Society for several years is a master herbalist and took his training through The School of Natural Healing. He is well loved by our members.  For more questions about his training ask him for a promo code and you may get a discount.

Patrick Byers is the horticulture specialist in Greene County and Southwest Region.  He is involved in commercial and home horticulture outreach programming through the services of the University of Missouri Extension.  He is very involved and active in the community.  He coordinates the Master Gardener program and actively participates with the local media to educate the community of horticulture topics.  He brings much wisdom behind him.

 Seed Swap to follow the seminars. Seed Swap details:

  • Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring some of your seeds (not limited to herbs) to swap with others.  A “swap” is just as it sounds. No one charges for their seeds, they simply swap them. We are asking everyone to sit down front, as the round tables will be “reserved” for the seeds and any late comers.
  • The seed swap tables will be labeled to place your seeds down.

Tables will be sectioned off the following ways

*Beans & Peas & Nightshades (potatoes, peppers, eggplant, pimentos, cayenne)

* Tomato varieties & Lettuce & Greens

*Root veggies & Brassicas (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) 

* Herbs & Flowers

* Other

  • When you arrive, you may bring your seeds to the appropriate tables and get them arranged for the swap.
  • We will supply 3×5 cards, markers, plastic baggies/envelopes and bowls & spoons for seeds.

Please write as much info. about your seeds as you know. EX: variety, heirloom, saved from ____ year, suggested amount of seeds to take, days to maturity, etc. Feel free to do this in advance at home.

For those bringing seed, you may wish to empty into a bowl to make it easier to take a few seeds (place your 3×5 card in with the corresponding bowl)

PLEASE NOTE: To be fair to everyone, there will be no swapping until the appointed time during our meeting. Thank you for helping us out in this area!

  • Mark your calendar, a Trunk & Treat plant swap will be held during our monthly meeting on May 20 6pm.