Basic Bath Salts

1 Cup  of Dead Sea Salts 1 Cup Epsom Salts 1 Cup Coarse Sea Salts 1/2 Cup Baking Soda 1/2 Cup Dried Herbs to match Essential Oils 10 Drops of your favorite sessential oil Supplies: Mixing bowl, measuring cups, 26 oz to 32 oz. storage jar, small cloth bag and whisk. Preparation: Sterilize your storage […]

Cold and Flu Recipes

Sharon Masterson Cold and Flu Tea ¼ c. dried echinacea leaves ¼ c. dried peppermint leaves ¼ c. dried lemon balm leaves 3 Tbsp. dried elder berries or ¼ c. dried elder flowers, do not eat fresh To use mix 2 tsp. flu blend with 1 cup hot water, add honey if desired. Steep […]