Join us October 17th – “Tree Nuts, Pecans, Walnuts, Chestnuts & Hickory”

Presenter: Kelly McGowan

Kelly McGowan obtained her BS in horticulture from Missouri State University’s Darr School of Agriculture.  She is currently working on her MS in natural resources and agroforestry through the University of Missouri and a thesis project in elderberry flower production.  Kelly is the Horticulture Educator for the University of Missouri Extension office in Green County ans has been in that position for 3 years.

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Springfield Area HERB Society announce their annual fall Wild Edible Hike, led by Bo Brown. Sunday October 22nd at 2pm Busiek State Forest. $10 non-members  $5 for paid members of the Herb club. For more information call Joannie 417-725-5135

The Springfield area Herb Society is a non-profit group based in the beautiful Ozarks region of southwest Missouri!  Our mission is to promote the knowledge, use and enjoyment of herbs through educational programs, research and sharing the experience with the community. We meet monthly to discuss herbs, share recipes, and exchange gardening tips!  We also host special events and sponsor tours of local parks, farms and businesses. The Herb Society is open to the public and we welcome all levels of knowledge! During 2017 we will have:
  • Several guest speakers, including those nationally and internationally known!
  • There will be several “wild edible” hikes throughout the year, which is important because some plants come in at different times of the year, and other plants have different useful parts at different times of the year.  Next Herb Walk will be on Sunday Feburary 26th.
  • Herbal garden tours
  • Participation in several area festivals
  • Springfield Area Herb Society is proud to again be an herbal garden partner with the Demonstration Herb Garden at the Botanical Center and excited to continue to partner with the Kitchen at the Kitchen Clinic Community Herb Gardens.
  • We will continue to have a different Herb Highlight at each of our monthly meetings!
  • Come enjoy Herbal refreshments that our members bring to our monthly meetings!
  • Listen at the monthly meeting for “What to do in your herb garden” for the upcoming month!

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